/ Experiment-Nucl arXiv:0904.2325

Measurement of the Spin-Dependence of the p anti-p Interaction at the AD-Ring

Barschel, C. (JCHP, Julich) ; Bechstedt, U. (JCHP, Julich) ; Dietrich, J. (JCHP, Julich) ; Dolfus, N. (JCHP, Julich) ; Engels, R. (JCHP, Julich) ; Gebel, R. (JCHP, Julich) ; Hadamek, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Haidenbauer, J. (JCHP, Julich) ; Hanhart, C. (JCHP, Julich) ; Kacharava, A. (JCHP, Julich) ; Krol, G. (JCHP, Julich) ; Kuven, M. (JCHP, Julich) ; Langenberg, G. (JCHP, Julich) ; Lehrach, A. (JCHP, Julich) ; Lorentz, B. (JCHP, Julich) ; Maier, R. (JCHP, Julich) ; Martin, S. (JCHP, Julich) ; Meissner, U.-G. (JCHP, Julich) ; Nekipelov, M. (JCHP, Julich) ; Nikolaev, N.N. (JCHP, Julich) ; Oellers, D. (JCHP, Julich) ; d'Orsaneo, G. (JCHP, Julich) ; Prasuhn, D. (JCHP, Julich) ; Rathmann, F. (JCHP, Julich) ; Retzlaff, M. (JCHP, Julich) ; Sarkadi, J. (JCHP, Julich) ; Schleichert, R. (JCHP, Julich) ; Seyfarth, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Sibirtsev, A. (JCHP, Julich) ; Spolgen, D. (JCHP, Julich) ; Stein, H.J. (JCHP, Julich) ; Stockhorst, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Stroher, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Weidemann, Chr. (JCHP, Julich) ; Welsch, D. (JCHP, Julich) ; Wieder, P. (JCHP, Julich) ; Barion, L. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Bertelli, S. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Carassiti, V. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Ciullo, G. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Contalbrigo, M. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Cotta-Ramusino, A. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Dalpiaz, P.F. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Drago, A. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Guidoboni, G. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Lenisa, P. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Pappalardo, L. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Stancari, G. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Stancari, M. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Statera, M. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Azarian, T. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kulikov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kurbatov, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Macharashvili, G. (Dubna, JINR) ; Merzliakov, S. (Dubna, JINR) ; Meshkov, I.N. (Dubna, JINR) ; Smirnov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Tsirkov, D. (Dubna, JINR) ; Uzikov, Yu. (Dubna, JINR) ; Barsov, S. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Belostotski, S. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Grigoryev, K. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Kravtsov, P. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Mikirtychiants, M. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Mikirtychiants, S. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Vasilyev, A. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Esser, F.M. (ZAT, Julich) ; Greven, R. (ZAT, Julich) ; Hansen, G. (ZAT, Julich) ; Jadgfeld, F. (ZAT, Julich) ; Klehr, F. (ZAT, Julich) ; Soltner, H. (ZAT, Julich) ; Straatmann, H. (ZAT, Julich) ; Chiladze, D. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Garishvili, A. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Lomidze, N. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Mchedlishvili, D. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Nioradze, M. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Tabidze, M. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Akopov, N. (Yerevan Phys. Inst.) ; Avetisyan, A. (Yerevan Phys. Inst.) ; Elbakyan, G. (Yerevan Phys. Inst.) ; Marukyan, H. (Yerevan Phys. Inst.) ; Taroian, S. (Yerevan Phys. Inst.) ; Benati, P. (ZEL, Julich) ; Erven, W. (ZEL, Julich) ; Kayser, F.J. (ZEL, Julich) ; Kleines, H. (ZEL, Julich) ; Wustner, P. (ZEL, Julich) ; Bruncko, D. (Kosice U.) ; Ferencei, J. (Kosice U.) ; Musinsky, J. (Kosice U.) ; Urban, J. (Kosice U.) ; Augustyniak, W. (Warsaw, Inst. Nucl. Studies) ; Marianski, B. (Warsaw, Inst. Nucl. Studies) ; Trzcinski, A. (Warsaw, Inst. Nucl. Studies) ; Zupranski, P. (Warsaw, Inst. Nucl. Studies) ; Dymov, S. (Erlangen - Nuremberg U.) ; Nass, A. (Erlangen - Nuremberg U.) ; Steffens, E. (Erlangen - Nuremberg U.) ; Rathsman, K. (Stockholm U.) ; Tegner, P.E. (Stockholm U.) ; Thorngren Engblom, P. (Stockholm U.) ; De Leo, R. (INFN, Bari) ; Tagliente, G. (INFN, Bari) ; Kampfer, B. (SINP, Moscow) ; Trusov, S. (SINP, Moscow) ; Buttimore, N. (Hamilton Math. Inst., Dublin) ; Meyer, H.O. (Indiana U.)

Pages: 51

Abstract: We propose to use an internal polarized hydrogen storage cell gas target in the AD ring to determine for the first time the two total spin-dependent pbar-p cross sections sigma_1 and sigma_2 at antiproton beam energies in the range from 50 to 450 MeV. The data obtained are of interest by themselves for the general theory of pbar-p interactions since they will provide a first experimental constraint of the spin-spin dependence of the nucleon-antinucleon potential in the energy range of interest. In addition, measurements of the polarization buildup of stored antiprotons are required to define the optimum parameters of a future, dedicated Antiproton Polarizer Ring (APR), intended to feed a double-polarized asymmetric pbar-p collider with polarized antiprotons. Such a machine has recently been proposed by the PAX collaboration for the new Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) at GSI in Darmstadt, Germany. The availability of an intense stored beam of polarized antiprotons will provide access to a wealth of single- and double-spin observables, thereby opening a new window on QCD spin physics.

Web-Page: http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/ABS_BRP_Chamber_1.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/AD-Layout.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/AD_detector.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/AY.120.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/AcceptanceTheta.120.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/AcceptanceZ.120.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/CS.120.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/ClusterDe2Theta.L0.120.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/ClusterDe2Theta.ann.L0.120.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/Complet_Setup.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/Complet_Setup2.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/FrontEnd.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/Kammer_innen.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/PAX_HEinsertion.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/PAX_LEinsertion.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/PvsT_long_A.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/PvsT_long_D.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/PvsT_trans_A.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/PvsT_trans_D.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/S12_.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/Targetchamber_only2.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/Vacuum.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/Vertex.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/VertexX.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/VertexY.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/VertexZ.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/abs-photo.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/cell_closed.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/cell_opened.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/envelope.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/fig_BRP_vac.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/parasitic_1.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/pbarp-analyzing-power.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/sketch.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/target_scheme_new.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/tauvsT.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/thetaaccvsd.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/818016/files/vacuum_neu.png

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