/ General Physics arXiv:0908.0456

An Intensive Pulsed Neutron Source Based On An Electron Ring Accelerator

Dolya, S.N. (Dubna, JINR) ; Reshetnikova, K.A. (Dubna, JINR)

Pages: 17

Abstract: A neutron source is proposed. It is based on a proton accelerator with the energy Ep = 1.2 GeV, current Ip = 0.7A, pulse duration T = 3 mcsec, repetition rate F = 60 Hz, and accelerator length L = 30 m. Protons are accelerated by the field of electron rings. The electron rings are formed from a tube beam by way of modulation and creating rotating motion by crossing the magnetic field cusp. The frequency of modulation f1 = 142.8 MHz. The bunch is accelerated at the frequency f3 = 2856 MHz. The high frequency power required for making the field is P1 = 6 - 150 MW/section, the power transferred to the accelerated beam is P2 = 75 - 100 MW/m. The bigger radius of the rings (r0 = 2 cm) and radial dimensions of the ring (ar = 0.125 cm) are provided by the external magnetic field B0 = 2.4 T. The longitudinal dimensions (az < 0.22 cm) are maintained by the wave moving synchronously with the bunches. The number of electrons in each ring Ne = 3e12, the number of protons Np = 3e10. Protons are accelerated at the constant energy gain rate 40 MeV/m. The electron rings are accelerated in the waveguide with the field strength Ez = 1.08 MV/m. The intensity of the proton beam is 1e13 p/pulse. The average intensity of the neutron flux on a lead target is Ian = 1e16 n/s, the pulsed neutron flux is Ipn = 8e19 n/s.

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