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Single particle states in neutron-rich Zr-101, Mo-103, Mo-105, Mo-107, and Ru-109, Ru-111

Goodin, C. (Vanderbilt U.) ; Ramayya, A.V. (Vanderbilt U.) ; Hamilton, J.H. (Vanderbilt U.) ; Stone, N.J. (Tennessee U.) ; Daniel, A.V. (Oak Ridge) ; Li, K. (Vanderbilt U.) ; Liu, S.H. (Vanderbilt U.) ; Hwang, J.K. (Vanderbilt U.) ; Luo, Y.X. (LBL, Berkeley) ; Rasmussen, J.O. (LBL, Berkeley) ; Zhu, S.J. (Tsinghua U., Beijing)

Published in: Phys.Rev.
Year: 2009
Vol.: C80
Page No: 014318
Pages: 7

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