/ Phenomenology-HEP arXiv:0912.4672

QCD coupling constant at NNLO from DIS data

Shaikhatdenov, B.G. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kotikov, A.V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Krivokhizhin, V.G. (Dubna, JINR) ; Parente, G. (Santiago de Compostela U.)

Published in: Phys.Rev. / Erratum-ibid.
Year: 2010 / 2010
Vol.: D81 / D81
Page No: 034008 / 079904
Pages: 23

Abstract: Deep inelastic scattering data on F2 structure function from various fixed-target experiments were analyzed in the non-singlet approximation with a next-to-next-to-leading-order accuracy. The study of high statistics deep inelastic scattering data provided by BCDMS, SLAC, NMC and BFP collaborations was carried out separately for the first one and the rest, followed by a combined analysis done as well. For the coupling constant the following value \alpha_s(M_Z^2) = 0.1167 +/- 0.0021 (total exp.error) +0.0056/-0.0036(theor) was found, which in this approximation turns out to be slightly less than that obtained at the next-to-leading-order, as was generally anticipated. Ditto the theoretical uncertainties reduced with respect to those obtained in the case of the next-to-leading-order analysis thus confirming earlier observations.

Keyword(s): Deep inelastic scattering ; Nucleon structure functions ; QCD coupling constant ; NNLO level ; 1/Q**2 power corrections

Web-Page: http://inspirebeta.net/record/841080/files/dif_alfa.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/841080/files/htcd2.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/841080/files/htcd2_N0_nf4.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/841080/files/htch2.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/841080/files/htch2_N0_nf4.png; http://inspirebeta.net/record/841080/files/sist.png

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