/ Theory-Nucl arXiv:0804.1322

Current conservation, screening and the magnetic moment of the Delta resonance. 1. Formulation without quark degrees of freedom

Machavariani, A.I. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Faessler, Amand (Tubingen U.)

Published in: J.Phys.G
Year: 2010
Vol.: G37
Page No: 075004
Pages: 43

Abstract: The pion-nucleon bremsstrahlung $\pi+N\Longrightarrow\gamma'+\pi'+N'$ is studied in a new form of current conservation. According to this condition, the internal and external particle radiation parts of the $\pi N$ radiation amplitude have opposite signs, i.e., they contain terms which must cancel each other. Therefore, one has a screening of the internal and external particle radiation in the $\pi N$ bremsstrahlung. In particular, it is shown that the double $\Delta$ exchange diagram with the $\Delta-\gamma' \Delta'$ vertex cancel against the appropriate longitudinal part of the external particle radiation diagrams. Consequently, a model independent relation between the magnetic dipole moments of the $\Delta^+$ and $\Delta^{++}$ resonances and the anomalous magnetic moment of the proton $\mu_p$ is obtained, where $\mu_{\Delta}$ is expressed by $\mu_p$ as $\mu_{\Delta^+}={{M_{\Delta}}\over {m_p}} \mu_p$ and $\mu_{\Delta^{++}}={3\over 2}\mu_{\Delta^+}$ in agreement with the values extracted from the fit for the experimental cross section of the $\pi^+ p\to\gamma'\pi^+ p$ reaction.

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