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Quasifission and fusion-fission in massive nuclei reactions. Comparison of reactions leading to the Z=120 element

Nasirov, A.K. (Dubna, JINR) ; Giardina, G. (Messina U.) ; Mandaglio, G. (Messina U.) ; Manganaro, M. (Messina U.) ; Hanappe, F. (Brussels U.) ; Heinz, S. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Hofmann, S. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Muminov, A.I. (Tashkent, IYF) ; Scheid, W. (Giessen U.)

Published in: Phys.Rev.
Year: 2009
Vol.: C79
Page No: 024606
Pages: 27

Abstract: The yields of evaporation residues, fusion-fission and quasifission fragments in the $^{48}$Ca+$^{144,154}$Sm and $^{16}$O+$^{186}$W reactions are analyzed in the framework of the combined theoretical method based on the dinuclear system concept and advanced statistical model. The measured yields of evaporation residues for the $^{48}$Ca+$^{154}$Sm reaction can be well reproduced. The measured yields of fission fragments are decomposed into contributions coming from fusion-fission, quasifission, and fast-fission. The decrease in the measured yield of quasifission fragments in $^{48}$Ca+$^{154}$Sm at the large collision energies and the lack of quasifission fragments in the $^{48}$Ca+$^{144}$Sm reaction are explained by the overlap in mass-angle distributions of the quasifission and fusion-fission fragments. The investigation of the optimal conditions for the synthesis of the new element $Z$=120 ($A$=302) show that the $^{54}$Cr+$^{248}$Cm reaction is preferable in comparison with the $^{58}$Fe+$^{244}$Pu and $^{64}$Ni+$^{238}$U reactions because the excitation function of the evaporation residues of the former reaction is some orders of magnitude larger than that for the last two reactions.

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