First observation of heavy baryons Sigma(b) and Sigma(b)* - Aaltonen, T. et al - arXiv:0706.3868FERMILAB-PUB-07-318-E
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(1)  First Measurement of the Ratio of Branching Fractions B(Lambda0(b) ---> Lambda+(c) mu- anti-nu(mu)) / B(Lambda0(b) ---> Lambda+(c) pi-) - Aaltonen, T. et al - arXiv:0810.3213FERMILAB-PUB-08-446-E
(0)  Measurement of the Lambda0(b) Lifetime in Lambda0(b) ---> Lambda+(c) pi- Decays in p p-bar Collisions at s**(1/2) = 1.96-TeV - Aaltonen, T. et al - arXiv:0912.3566FERMILAB-PUB-09-627-E
(0)  Observation of the Omega(b)- Baryon and Measurement of the Properties of the Xi(b)- and Omega(b)- Baryons - Aaltonen, T. et al - arXiv:0905.3123FERMILAB-PUB-09-256-E

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(3)  Measurement of the J/psi meson and b-hadron production cross sections in p anti-p collisions at s(NN)**(1/2) = 1960-GeV - Acosta, D. et al - hep-ex/0412071FERMILAB-PUB-04-440-E
(2)  Observation and mass measurement of the baryon Xi(b)- - Aaltonen, T. et al - arXiv:0707.0589FERMILAB-PUB-07-336-E
(2)  Measurement of sigma(Lambda(b)0) / sigma(anti-B 0) x B(Lambda0(b) ---> Lambda+(c) pi-) / B(anti-B0 ---> D+ pi-) in p anti-p collisions at S**(1/2) = 1.96-TeV - Abulencia, A. et al - hep-ex/0601003FERMILAB-PUB-05-574-E
(2)  Measurement of the B+ production cross-section in p anti-p collisions at s**(1/2) = 1960-GeV - Abulencia, A. et al - hep-ex/0612015FERMILAB-PUB-06-458-E
(2)  Measurement of the Lambda0(b) Lifetime in Lambda0(b) ---> J/psi Lambda0 in p anti-p Collisions at s**(1/2) = 1.96-TeV - Abulencia, A. et al - hep-ex/0609021FERMILAB-PUB-06-321-E