/ Phenomenology-HEP arXiv:0708.4205

Towards a maximal mass model

Kadyshevsky, V.G. (Dubna, JINR) ; Mateev, M.D. (CERN) ; Rodionov, V.N. (Moscow State Geo. Prospecting U.) ; Sorin, Alexander Savelievich (Dubna, JINR)

Pages: 28

Abstract: We investigate the possibility to construct a generalization of the Standard Model, which we call the Maximal Mass Model because it contains a limiting mass $M$ for its fundamental constituents. The parameter $M$ is considered as a new universal physical constant of Nature and therefore is called the fundamental mass. It is introduced in a purely geometrical way, like the velocity of light as a maximal velocity in the special relativity. If one chooses the Euclidean formulation of quantum field theory, the adequate realization of the limiting mass hypothesis is reduced to the choice of the de Sitter geometry as the geometry of the 4-momentum space. All fields, defined in de Sitter p-space in configurational space obey five dimensional Klein-Gordon type equation with fundamental mass $M$ as a mass parameter. The role of dynamical field variables is played by the Cauchy initial conditions given at $x_5 = 0$, guarantying the locality and gauge invariance principles. The corresponding to the geometrical requirements formulation of the theory of scalar, vector and spinor fields is considered in some detail. On a simple example it is demonstrated that the spontaneously symmetry breaking mechanism leads to renormalization of the fundamental mass $M$. A new geometrical concept of the chirality of the fermion fields is introduced. It would be responsible for new measurable effects at high energies $E \geq M$. Interaction terms of a new type, due to the existence of the Higgs boson are revealed. The most intriguing prediction of the new approach is the possible existence of exotic fermions with no analogues in the SM, which may be candidate for dark matter constituents.

Web-Page: http://weblib.cern.ch/abstract?CERN-TH-2007-150

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