/ Experiment-HEP arXiv:0712.2691

New Polarization Program at U70 (SPASCHARM Project)

Vasiliev, A.N. (Serpukhov, IHEP) ; Mochalov, V.V. (Serpukhov, IHEP) ; Alekhin, S.I. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Bazhanov, N.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Belikov, N.I. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Belyaev, A.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Borisov, N.S. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Chujko, B.V. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Goncharenko, Y.M. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Grishin, V.N. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Davidenko, A.M. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Derevschikov, A.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Kachanov, V.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Kharlov, V.Y. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Kozhin, A.S. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Konstantinov, D.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Kolomiets, V.G. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Kormilitsin, V.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Kravtsov, V.I. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Lazarev, A.B. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Likhoded, A.K. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Luchinsky, A.V. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Lukhanin, A.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Matulenko, Yu.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Melnick, Yu.M. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Meschanin, A.P. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Minaev, N.G. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Morozov, D.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Neganov, A.B. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Nogach, L.V. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Nurushev, S.B. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Plis, Yu.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Prudkoglyad, A.F. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Ryazantsev, A.V. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Semenov, P.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Shchevelev, O.N. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Slabospitsky, S.R. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Soloviev, L.F. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Ukhanov, M.N. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Usov, Yu.A. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Uzunian, A.V. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Vovenko, A.S. (Kharkov, KIPT) ; Yakutin, A.E. (Kharkov, KIPT)

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Abstract: The new polarization program SPASCHARM is being prepared in Protvino. The program has two stages. The first stage is dedicated to single-spin asymmetries in the production of miscellaneous light resonances with the use of 34 GeV $\pi^-$-beam. Inclusive and exclusive reactions will be studied simultaneously. The second stage is dedicated to single-spin and double-spin asymmetries in charmonium production with the use of 70 GeV polarized proton beam which will allow us to understand charmonium hadronic production mechanism and make gluon polarization $\Delta g(x)$ extraction at large $x$.

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