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GABRIELA: A New detector array for gamma-ray and conversion electron spectroscopy of transfermium elements

Hauschild, K. ; Yeremin, A.V. ; Dorvaux, O. ; Lopez-Martens, A. ; Belozerov, A.V. ; Briancon, Ch. ; Chelnokov, M.L. ; Chepigin, V.I. ; Garcia-Santamaria, S.A. ; Gorshkov, V.A. ; Hanappe, F. ; Kabachenko, A.P. ; Korichi, A. ; Malyshev, O.N. ; Oganessian, Yu.Ts. ; Popeko, A.G. ; Rowley, N. ; Shutov, A.V. ; Stuttge, L. ; Svirikhin, A.I.

Published in: Nucl.Instrum.Meth.
Year: 2006
Vol.: A560
Page No: 388-394
Pages: 24

Abstract: With the aid of the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation package a new detection system has been designed for the focal plane of the recoil separator VASSILISSA situated at the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR, Dubna. GABRIELA (Gamma Alpha Beta Recoil Investigations with the Electromagnetic Analyser VASSILISSA) has been optimised to detect the arrival of reaction products and their subsequent radioactive decays involving the emission of alpha- and beta-particles, fission fragments, gamma- and X-rays, and conversion electrons. The new detector system is described and the results of the first commissioning experiments are presented.

Keyword(s): Recoil separators ; Decay tagging spectrometer ; Alpha, gamma-ray, and conversion electron spectroscopy at recoil separators ; GEANT Monte Carlo simulations

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