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Recoil studies in the reaction of protons and deuterons with the enriched isotope Sn-118

Balabekyan, A.R. ; Danagulyan, A.S. ; Drnoyan, J.R. ; Demekhina, N.A. ; Hovhannisyan, G.H. ; Adam, J. ; Kalinnikov, V.G. ; Krivopustov, M.I. ; Pronskikh, V.S. ; Stegailov, V.I. ; Solnyshkin, A.A. ; Chaloun, P. ; Tsoupko-Sitnikov, V.M.

Published in: Nucl.Phys.A
Pages: 11

Abstract: The recoil properties of the product nuclei from the interaction of 3.65 GeV/nucleon protons and deuterons with $^{118}Sn$ target have been studied by the method of catching foils on the beams of LHE JINR. The mathematical formalism of the standard two step vector model was used for the analysis of experimental results. The obtained results for the protons are compared with the ones obtained for the deuterons. The total energy of the deuterons beam was 3.65GeV/nucleon. It is interesting to note that the forward velocity v and the recoil nuclei kinetic energy increases linearly with the increase of mass loss of target $\Delta A$, but seems to change its slope at around $\Delta A=60$. It seems that light and medium mass products are produced partly by a fragmentation mechanism.

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