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On the muon neutrino mass

Angelov, N. ; Balestra, F. ; Batusov, Yu. ; Bianconi, A. ; Bussa, M.P. ; Busso, L. ; Ferrero, L. ; Garfagnini, R. ; Gnesi, I. ; Lodi Rizzini, E. ; Maggiora, A. ; Panzieri, D. ; Piragino, G. ; Pontecorvo, G. ; Tosello, F. ; Venturelli, L.

Published in: Nucl.Phys.
Year: 2006
Vol.: A780
Page No: 78-89
Pages: 18

Abstract: During the runs of the PS 179 experiment at LEAR of CERN, we photographed an event of antiproton-Ne absorption, with a complete pi+ -> mu+ ->e+ chain. From the vertex of the reaction a very slow energy pi+ was emitted. The pi+ decays into a mu+ and subsequently the mu+ decays into a positron. At the first decay vertex a muon neutrino was emitted and at the second decay vertex an electron neutrino and a muon antineutrino. Measuring the pion and muon tracks and applying the momentum and energy conservation and using a classical statistical interval estimator, we obtained an experimental upper limit for the muon neutrino mass: m_nu < 2.2 MeV at a 90% confidence level. A statistical analysis has been performed of the factors contributing to the square value of the neutrino mass limit.

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