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A PMT-block test bench

Adragna, P. ; Antonaki, A. ; Boudagov, I. ; Cavasinni, V. ; Costanzo, D. ; Del Prete, T. ; Dotti, A. ; Fassouliotis, D. ; Giakoumopoulou, V. ; Giokaris, N. ; Guicheney, C. ; Karali, E. ; Khubua, J. ; Lebessi, M. ; Lupi, A. ; Manoussakis, A. ; Mazzoni, E. ; Minashvili, I. ; Morphi, M. ; Pagani, G.F. ; Paoletti, R. ; Rizzi, D. ; Roda, C. ; Sarri, F. ; Staveris-Polykalas, Ath. ; Staveris-Polykalas, Th. ; Stoudenov, S. ; Usai, G. ; Vazeille, F. ; Vellidis, C. ; Vichou, I. ; Vivarelli, I. ; Volpi, M.

Published in: Nucl.Instrum.Meth.
Year: 2006
Vol.: A564
Page No: 597-607
Pages: 23

Abstract: The front-end electronics of the ATLAS hadronic calorimeter (Tile Cal) is housed in a unit, called {\it PMT-Block}. The PMT-Block is a compact instrument comprising a light mixer, a PMT together with its divider and a {\it 3-in-1} card, which provides shaping, amplification and integration for the signals. This instrument needs to be qualified before being assembled on the detector. A PMT-Block test bench has been developed for this purpose. This test bench is a system which allows fast, albeit accurate enough, measurements of the main properties of a complete PMT-Block. The system, both hardware and software, and the protocol used for the PMT-Blocks characterisation are described in detail in this report. The results obtained in the test of about 10000 PMT-Blocks needed for the instrumentation of the ATLAS (LHC-CERN) hadronic Tile Calorimeter are also reported.

Keyword(s): Photomultiplier ; F/E electronics ; Calorimeter

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