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Instanton contribution to the Sivers function

Cherednikov, I.O. (Dubna, JINR) ; D'Alesio, U. (INFN, Cagliari) ; Kochelev, N.I. (Seoul Natl. U.) ; Murgia, F. (INFN, Cagliari)

Published in: Phys.Lett.
Year: 2006
Vol.: B642
Page No: 39-47
Pages: 13

Abstract: We study the Sivers function for valence u and d quarks in the proton within the instanton model for QCD vacuum, adopting the MIT bag model wave functions for quarks. Within approaches based on perturbative one-gluon final state interactions a non-zero value of the Sivers function is related to the presence of both S and P wave components in quark wave functions. We show that the instanton-induced chromomagnetic, nonperturbative interaction leads to very specific spin-spin correlations between the struck and spectator quarks, resulting in a non-trivial flavour dependence of the Sivers function. Comparison of the obtained Sivers functions with phenomenological parameterizations is discussed.

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