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Search for Two-Particle Muon Decay to Positron and Goldstone Massless Boson (FAMILON)

Andreev, V.A. ; Demidov, V.S. ; Demidova, E.V. ; Duginov, V.N. ; Elkin, Yu.V. ; Gordeev, V.A. ; Gritsai, K.I. ; Gustov, S.A. ; Ivochkin, V.G. ; Karasev, E.M. ; Khlopov, M.Yu. ; Komarov, E.N. ; Kosianenko, S.V. ; Krivshich, A.G. ; Levchenko, M.P. ; Mamedov, T.N. ; Mirokhin, I.V. ; Olshevsky, V.G. ; Scheglov, Yu.A. ; Scherbakov, G.V. ; Sokolov, A.Yu. ; Schkurenko, Yu.P. ; Stoykov, A.V. ; Vorobyev, S.I. ; Zhdanov, A.A. ; Zhukov, V.A.

Pages: 15

Abstract: The experimental test of possible expansion for the Higgs sector is proposed. The lepton family violation will be studied. To reach this goal we are going to carry out the search for the scalar Goldstone boson in the neutrinoless muon decay mu+ to e+ and alpha. The asymmetry of the muon decay near the high energy edge of Michel spectrum is to be measured. To examine previous TRIUMF data the experiment FAMILON is prepared at the surface muon beam of JINR (Dubna) accelerator. The setup consist of the precision magnetic spectrometer and the device for muSR - analysis.

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