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a+0(980)-resonance production in the reaction pp ---> d pi+ eta close to the K anti-K threshold

Fedorets, P.V. ; Buscher, M. ; Chernyshev, V.P. ; Dymov, S.N. ; Grishina, V.Yu. ; Hanhart, C. ; Hartmann, M. ; Hejny, V. ; Kleber, V. ; Koch, H.R. ; Kondratyuk, L.A. ; Koptev, V.P. ; Kudryavtsev, Alexander Evgenyevich ; Kulessa, P. ; Merzlyakov, S. ; Mikirtychyants, S.M. ; Nekipelov, M.E. ; Ohm, H. ; Schleichert, R. ; Stroher, H. ; Tarasov, V.E. ; Watzlawik, K.H. ; Zychor, I.

Published in: Phys.Atom.Nucl.
Year: 2006
Vol.: 69
Page No: 306-313
Pages: 5

Abstract: The reaction pp -> dpi+eta has been measured at a beam energy of T=2.65 GeV (p=3.46 GeV/c) using the ANKE spectrometer at COSY-Juelich. The missing mass distribution of the detected dpi+ pairs exhibits a peak around the eta mass on top of a strong background of multi-pion pp -> dpi+(n(pi)) events. The differential cross section d^4(sigma)/d(Omega_d)d(Omega_pi+)d(p_d)d(p_pi+) for the reaction pp -> dpi+eta has been determined model independently for two regions of phase space. Employing a dynamical model for the a0+ production allows one then to deduce a total cross section of sigma(pp -> da0+ -> dpi+eta)=(1.1 +/- 0.3_(stat) +/- 0.7_(syst)) microbarn for the production of pi+eta via the scalar a0+(980) resonance and sigma(pp -> dpi+eta) = (3.5 +/- 0.3_(stat) +/- 1.0_(syst)) microbarn for the non-resonant production. Using the same model as for the interpretation of recent results from ANKE for the reaction pp -> dK+(bar(K0)), the ratio of the total cross sections is sigma(pp -> d(K+(bar(K0)))_(L=0))/sigma(pp -> da0+ -> dpi+eta) = 0.029 +/- 0.008_(stat) +/- 0.009_(syst), which is in agreement with branching ratios in the literature.

Web-Page: http://link.aip.org/link/?atn/69/306; http://pdglive.lbl.gov/REFERENCE_info1.brl?slacrpp=PANUE,69,306

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