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Investigation of the angular dependence of the tensor analyzing power of 9-GeV/c deuteron breakup

Azhgirey, L.S. ; Afanasiev, S.V. ; Arkhipov, V.V. ; Bondarev, V.K. ; Borzounov, Yu.T. ; Filipov, G. ; Golovanov, L.B. ; Isupov, A.Yu. ; Kartamyshev, A.A. ; Kashirin, V.A. ; Khrenov, A.N. ; Kolesnikov, V.I. ; Kuznezov, V.A. ; Ladygin, V.P. ; Litvinenko, A.G. ; Reznikov, S.G. ; Rukoyatkin, P.A. ; Semenov, A.Yu. ; Semenova, I.A. ; Stoletov, G.D. ; Tzvinev, A.P. ; Yudin, N.P. ; Zhmyrov, V.N. ; Zolin, L.S.

Pages: 8

Abstract: An angular dependence of the tensor analyzing power of the breakup of polarized deuterons at 9 GeV/$c$ has been investigated. The measurements have been made on hydrogen and carbon targets at angles in the range from 85 to 160 mr. The data obtained are analyzed within the framework of the light-front dynamics using the deuteron wave functions for Paris and Bonn CD potentials, and the relativistic deuteron wave function by Karmanov et al. The experimental data are in rough agreement with calculations with the use of Karmanov's deuteron wave function.

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