Field theoretical description of the multichannel gamma p scattering reaction in the delta resonance region and determination of the magnetic moment of the delta+ resonance

Machavariani, A.I. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Faessler, Amand (Tubingen U.)

Pages: 32

Abstract: The cross-sections of the $\gamma p-\gamma' N'$, $\gamma p-\pi' N'$ and $\gamma p-\gamma'\pi' N'$ reactions are calculated in the framework of the field-theoretical one-particle ($\pi,\omega,\rho$-mesons, nucleon and $\Delta$-resonance) exchange model. Unlike the other relativistic approaches, our resulting amplitudes of the $\gamma p$ multichannel reactions require one-variable covariant vertex functions as input ingredient and every diagram of these amplitudes satisfies the current conservation condition in the Coulomb gauge. The complete set of the model independent skeleton diagrams for the ${\gamma} p\to\gamma'\pi'N'$ reaction is presented. The separable model of the $\pi N$ interaction is generalized to construct the spin 3/2 particle propagator of the $\Delta$-resonance. This procedure allows to obtain the $\pi N-\Delta$ form factor and $\Delta$ propagator directly from the $\pi N$ $P_{33}$ phase shifts. The numerical calculation of the differential cross section of the $\gamma p-\gamma' N'$, $\gamma p-{\pi^o}' N'$ and $\gamma p-\gamma'{\pi^o}'N'$ reactions are performed with two different separable models of the $\Delta$ propagator and with the propagator of Breit-Wigner shape. It is demonstrated that the numerical description of these reactions in the $\Delta$-resonance region are very sensitive to the form of the $\Delta$-propagator. The sensitivity of the cross-sections of the $\gamma p\to\gamma'{\pi^o}'p'$ reaction to the magnitude of the $\Delta^+$ magnetic moment is examined and the most convenient kinematical region for the determination of the magnetic moment of the $\Delta^+$-resonance from the forthcoming data is indicated.


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