Search for the radiative capture d + d ---> ${}^4He + \gamma$ reaction from the d d $\mu$ muonic molecule state

Bogdanova, L.N. ; Bom, V.R. ; Demin, D.L. ; van Eijk, C.W.E. ; Filchenkov, V.V. ; Grafov, N.N. ; Grebinnik, V.G. ; Gritsaj, K.I. ; Konin, A.D. ; Kuryakin, A.V. ; Nazarov, V.A. ; Perevozchikov, V.V. ; Rudenko, A.I. ; Sadetsky, S.M. ; Vinogradov, Yu.I. ; Yukhimchuk, A.A. ; Yukhimchuk, S.A. ; Zinov, V.G. ; Zlatoustovskii, S.V.

Published in: Phys.Atom.Nucl. / Yad.Fiz.
Year: 2002 / 2002
Vol.: 65 / 65
Page No: 1778-1784 / 1826-1832
Pages: 9

Abstract: A search for the muon catalyzed fusion reaction dd --> ^4He +\gamma in the dd\mu muonic molecule was performed using the experimental \mu CF installation TRITON and NaI(Tl) detectors for \gamma-quanta. The high pressure target filled with deuterium at temperatures from 85 K to 800 K was exposed to the negative muon beam of the JINR phasotron to detect \gamma-quanta with energy 23.8 MeV. The first experimental estimation for the yield of the radiative deuteron capture from the dd\mu state J=1 was obtained at the level n_{\gamma}\leq 2\times 10^{-5} per one fusion.


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