A Global fit to the anomalous magnetic moment, b ---> X(s) (gamma) and Higgs limits in the constrained MSSM

de Boer, W. (Karlsruhe U.) ; Huber, M. (Karlsruhe U.) ; Sander, C. (Karlsruhe U.) ; Kazakov, D.I. (Dubna, JINR)

Pages: 12

Abstract: New data on the anomalous magnetic moment a_mu of the muon together with the b->s gamma decay rate are considered within the supergravity inspired constrained minimal supersymmetric model. We perform a global statistical chi^2 analysis of these data and show that the allowed region of parameter space is bounded from below by the Higgs limit, which depends on the trilinear coupling and from above by the anomalous magnetic moment a_mu. The newest b->s gamma data deviate 1.7 sigma from recent SM calculations and prefer a similar parameter region as the 2.6 sigma deviation from a_mu.

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