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Project of the Dubna electron synchrotron

Arkhipov, V.A. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Antropov, V.K. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Balalykin, N.I. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Beloshitsky, P.F. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Boer Rookhuizen, H. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Brovko, O.I. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Butenko, A.B. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Fedorenko, S.B. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Ivanov, I.N. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Heine, E. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Heubers, W.P.J. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Kaan, A.P. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Kadyshevsky, V.G. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Kalinichenko, V.V. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Kobets, V.V. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Krasavin, E.A. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Kroes, F.B. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Kuijer, L.H. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Kulipanov, G.N. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Laan, J.B.V.D. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Langelaar, J. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Levichev, E.B. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Louwrier, P.W.F. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Luijckx, G. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Maas, R. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Meshkov, I.N. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Mezentsev, N.A. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; van Middelkoop, G. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Minashkin, V. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Morozov, N.A. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Noomen, J.G. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Polyakov, Yu.A. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Rusakovich, N.A. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Sidorin, A.O. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Sidorov, A.I. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Sidorov, G.I. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Sisakian, A.N. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Shakun, N.G. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Shatunov, E.M. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Shvets, V.A. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Skrinsky, A.N. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Smirnov, V.I. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Sumbaev, A.P. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Spelt, J.B. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Syresin, E.M. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Titkova, I.V. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Tyutyunnikov, S.I. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Ushakov, V.A. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Voblyi, P.D. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Vodopianov, A.S. (Novosibirsk, IYF) ; Yurkov, M.V. (Novosibirsk, IYF)

Published in: Nucl.Instrum.Meth.
Year: 2001
Vol.: A470
Page No: 1-6

Web-Page: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0168-9002(01)00987-1; http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=GatewayURL&_origin=SPIRES&_method=citationSearch&_volkey=01689002%23470%231&_version=1&md5=98bebbfd09ebfb541654f897a6b8fe9c

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