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Short baseline neutrino oscillations and neutrinoless double beta decay in the framework of three neutrino mixing and a mass hierarchy

Bilenky, Samoil M. (SISSA, Trieste) ; Bottino, A. (Turin U.) ; Giunti, C. (Turin U.) ; Kim, C.W. (Johns Hopkins U.)

Published in: Phys.Rev.
Year: 1996
Vol.: D54
Page No: 1881-1890
Pages: 26

Abstract: We have analyzed the results of the latest terrestrial neutrino oscillation experiments in the framework of a model with mixing of three massive neutrinos and a neutrino mass hierarchy ($ m_1 << m_2 << m_3 $). In this model, oscillations of the terrestrial neutrinos are characterized by three parameters, $ \Delta m~2 = m_3~2 - m_1~2 $ and the squared moduli of the two mixing matrix elements $U_{e3}$ and $U_{\mu3}$. Using the results of disappearance experiments and solar neutrino experiments, it is shown that only two regions of possible values of $|U_{e3}|~2$ and $|U_{\mu3}|~2$ are allowed: I. $|U_{e3}|~2$ and $|U_{\mu3}|~2$ are both small and II. $|U_{e3}|~2$ is small and $|U_{\mu3}|~2$ is large. If the mixing parameters are in the region I, $ \nu_\mu <-> \nu_e $ oscillations are suppressed. In this case the LSND indication in favor of $ \nu_\mu <-> \nu_e $ oscillations is not compatible with the negative results of all other experiments. If the mixing parameters are in the region II, $ \nu_e <-> \nu_\tau $ oscillations are strongly suppressed. If massive neutrinos are Majorana particles, our analysis shows that neutrinoless double-beta decay could be observed in the experiments of the next generation only if the mixing parameters are in the region I.

Web-Page: http://www.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1996PhRvD..54.1881B; http://alice.cern.ch/format/showfull?sysnb=0217175; http://link.aps.org/abstract/PRD/V54/P01881/

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